After your orthodontic treatment, what comes next?  RETAINERS!

As our bodies age and change, our teeth can too – whether or not we’ve had orthodontic treatment. So we recommend wearing retainers in some form forever! We see our patients regularly for at least 12 months after we have finished aligning the teeth; after that, you can always call us if you need us. There are many different retainer options—ask our doctors about which ones are right for you!

In most cases, we will recommend at least one set of removable retainers. You’ll need to wear your retainers consistently, clean them by brushing with toothpaste and water, and keep them in a protective case when they aren’t in your mouth. We will see you every three to four months for at least the first year of your retention phase.

In some cases, we can provide fixed retainers, which are not removable. Every case is different, so ask your doctor about the pros and cons of fixed or removable retainers in your specific case.

Have more questions about retention? Contact our office or schedule your free consultation.