Meet the Doctors

the doctors at Northern Arizona Orthodontics

Dr. Rob Caskey (left) has been practicing orthodontics as a specialist in Flagstaff for over 20 years.  In 2006, his long-time friend Dr. Eric Peterson (right) joined the practice, and the name Northern Arizona Orthodontics was born!  For the next 8 years, the two of them built a strong reputation in Flagstaff for having an incredibly fun, friendly, and caring practice.  In 2013, Dr. Caskey’s daughter, Dr. Emily Peppers (center), became the third doctor on the team! These three doctors and their highly trained staff now run a cutting-edge orthodontic specialty practice focused first on YOU and your experience as the patient!

Why has this amazing team of specialists dedicated their lives to bigger, brighter smiles? And what do they do when they’re not in the office?

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Meet the doctors