What Makes Us Unique

doctors at Northern Arizona Orthodontics jumping in the air in joy

At Northern Arizona Orthodontics, our doctors are certified orthodontic specialists. That means orthodontics is not just something we focus on, orthodontics is all we do. We’ve dedicated our lives to it!

At our office, you can expect expert doctors and highly-trained staff who have an extensive, focused knowledge of orthodontics. You’ll also find that we are very passionate about what we do and why we do it—we’re here to serve our community!

So, what sets our office and our team apart? Read on:

We Are True Locals!

Dr. Caskey, Dr. Peterson, and Dr. Peppers live in Flagstaff full-time with their families. The doctors are the sole owners of this practice and this building. We are not managed by any outside group or corporate office. We and our families are proud to be a long-standing part of this community!

Dr. Peterson in Flagstaff

We Have Zero Carbon Footprint

We are the FIRST and ONLY zero-carbon-footprint healthcare office in Northern Arizona! You can see from the first minute you walk into our office how much we love where we live—and we’re committed to protecting it not just for us but for future generations.

Our Doctors are Orthodontic Specialists

Dr. Caskey, Dr. Peterson, and Dr. Peppers are all certified in the specialty of orthodontics, which means they attended a specialty residency for over two years after dental school. In addition, they have all obtained post-doctoral degrees in orthodontics, which required schooling, training, and research in addition to their specialty certification. If you’re looking for experts in quality orthodontic care – you’re in the right place!

We’re Here for You

We will never send your phone call to an outside answering service or call center. If you need us after-hours, a doctor or one of our excellent senior assistants is always on call.

kids playing at the beach


We Rely on YOU for Advertising

We rely on our reputation and on your recommendation to bring us new patients. When you see our logo or our names around town, it is because we are supporting a charity organization or sponsoring our patients in a local sports team, arts program, or other great activity.

We’re Giving Back

We are committed to giving back to our local and global communities in a big way! Some of the organizations we’ve been proud to partner with in the past year include Big Brothers Big Sisters, Operation Gratitude, Girls on the Run, Theatrikos, Young Life, the Flagstaff Food Bank, and the Sunshine Rescue Mission. Our philosophy is “Live Life Smiling”—so the more smiles we can send into the world through our actions, the better!

hiking the Grand Canyon

Braces Made in the USA

Our braces and wires are made in the USA by American Orthodontics, a company that has produced innovative, top-quality products for almost 50 years. And our retainers are made right here in Arizona!

Your First Consultation is Always Free

We always provide our initial exams for free and give you a fee quote that is good for six months. We will thoroughly answer any questions you have about what that includes. We never want you to feel pressured to start treatment if you aren’t ready, and we never want you to feel surprised by unexpected fees.

Dr. Peppers and Eric Peppers

Work-Life Balance for our Employees

We care about our staff and we strive to have a great work environment. Our team has nights, weekends, and holidays off so they can enjoy time with their loved ones and have an excellent work-life balance.

Comfort, Compassion, and Fun!

We’re committed to kindness, compassion, comfort, and fun. We understand that orthodontics can feel scary for some kids (and some adults), which is why we do everything we can to take care of our patients—to make time for your questions, treat every patient as an individual, and bring plenty of our own smiles and fun-loving nature to work with us.

It’s also why our office is designed around the things that make us smile—with photos from the beautiful Arizona wilderness we’re blessed to live so near, walls of skis, benches made from snowboards, a saltwater fish tank, and a waterfall. We also have computers with Wi-Fi, Xbox and Playstation gaming systems, and family-friendly videos for you to watch while you’re in the orthodontics chair.

Your Best Smile and Your Best Experience

At the end of the day, our goal is to make every aspect of your orthodontic experience the best that it can be—not just the beautiful smile at the end, but the journey to it, as well.

Interested in meeting our doctors and seeing our office for yourself? Schedule your free consultation.